Faithful Companions


An old man whistles

as he shuffles down the sidewalk

Each step an effort

The effects of time

his constant companion

A well-lived life

his source of inspiration


His old dog

limps along beside him

Each step an effort

Still he follows

A loyal companion

His well-lived life

with his gentle Master


They make quite a pair

A familiar site

As they make their way

from here to there

Each of us smiling

wondering where they go

as they pass by

while the old man


Reblogging an old poem originally written in 2014


    • Thank you. This is one of my favorites. I used to see a very old man walking a very old dog every day and then one day, they were gone. I’ve always wondered what happened. My husband and I love the picture so much, we ordered it and now it hangs in our living room.


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