Divergent Path

divergent path


Beware angels and demons who reminisce

a life unstrung with each opportunity gone amiss

A path followed with purpose will rise above their doubt

Hidden in those moments before dawn, a battle we will mount

We know after the rain comes sweet bliss


On the mend, open to better, open to this

their condemnation we dismiss

Let them snicker, let them pout

these angels and demons who reminisce


Enemy and false prophet, both remiss

as pointed attempts to guide us fire and miss

Advice and admonition we can do without

Let them fume, let them spout

as of our hard-won victory we reminisce

Beware those angels and demons

photo: Pixabay


prompts: #IntrigueVerse, #NovemberFallsPoetry, #WyldeVerse, #inkMine




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