Winter Doldrums



As night arrives

on the wings of ravens

black and unforgiving

winter’s chill settles

in my bones

like broken glass

I retreat

Within my inner sanctum

age creeps slowly

layer upon layer

like the blankets

that surround me

Alone and frail

succumbing to isolation

without a promise of reprieve

burdens carve lines in

once tender skin

I hibernate

Silent voices whisper

words not meant

to be heard

a failure to manifest

truth in the absence of light

as cold winds agitate barren trees

Siphoning memories

of a summer’s day

to evoke pleasure and purpose

and a chance to find inspiration

through these long months

I drift

A bouquet of wildflowers

to bolster my spirits

I stand strong

photo: Pexels

prompts: #BeautifulMess, #SWPrompt, #DecemberFalls, #TastyPoem, #SSBD, WordPress Daily Post


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