mom and jack

I bore witness as time swallowed them whole

still shimmering, still breathing, still filled with life

these folds of time capturing moments

Gifts of the present preserving what will become the past

I stole silent snapshots as the unsuspecting carried on ordinary lives

My eyes more acute than the cameras snapping photos

My ears more sensitive than microphones recording laughter

I heard the breath slipping in between quiet conversation

Generations gathered together as one

Ones not as young as we imagined them to be

Others not as old as they pretended or seemed

Days we want to live forever

Change, the force we desperately try to keep at bay

Tomorrow, not promised

Yesterday will be what we share

Memories made to exist long after these days

have become quiet and still

With heartfelt resolve, I forge ahead

onto the next celebration, the next opportunity

to hold onto this, a family

Looking back — the sustenance to face new days

photo: mine

prompts: WyldeVerse, IntrigueVerse

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