A new year emerging, an illusion in wings beating softly

a memory of loss engaged in deep conversation with memories of love

this, an ordinary world, where tears of joy and sadness fall as one

Differences find meaning in all that is somehow familiar


Days become weeks as months get caught in moments we collect

Anticipation frames each adventure while time passes unnoticed

this, an ordinary world, where dreams are measured against small accomplishments

Finally and Now shift to share one meaning


Existing together in a place where circumstance choreographs each outcome

sounds that soothe replace those that weigh heavy

this, an ordinary world, brings renewal again and again to those that seek it

this, an ordinary world, all at once broken and beautiful and sometimes extraordinary


photo: Pexels


prompts: #stepstimestwo, #zenverse, #WrittenRiver, WordPress Daily Prompt, #RRprompt35, Music Challenge 19





  1. Beautifully written and powerful Michelle. I loved the repitition of the words “This is an Ordinairy World . . .” It was so effective in bringing the reader down to earth. Like this is a new year and we have all these brand expectations but really it’s real life messy but as you say “beautiful and sometimes extraordinairey” in being this way. Thanks again for participating!

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