Brilliant Light

sunrise7161 (2)

No more living in shadow’s fury


Memory pulverized by delicate hands

reaching to hold times gone by


Once brilliant blooms fade as satin rosehips

crackle and burn over the sun’s relentless touch


No more justifying a masquerade


A fusillade launched by enemies feigning innocence

fastens bloodlines to destiny gone wrong


With ice in her heart, she responds

giddy in new found freedom


No, no more


Arms akimbo, her stance is firm

Power looms over the sun still rising


Threats of dangerous retribution dissipate

Hers is a brilliant light


photo: mine


prompts: #SWPrompt 46, #GRcultivatepoetry, #WrittenRiver, #becomingfragile,

WordPress Daily Post, #MLMM-Wordle 182








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