New Year, New Look, New Goals

2018 goals

As this blog enters its fifth year, I’m revisiting my goals and intentions. I originally began this as a way of forcing myself to resume a regular writing habit. Over the years, it has morphed into a page mostly focused on poetry. I do love writing poetry and will continue, but I’d like to expand into other areas.

Some ideas I’m considering are short essays about topics I find interesting and important. My hope is to generate more conversation between myself and you, my readers. In the past, I participated in two events. One is called The Weekly Smile. The owner of the site that hosts this event is Trent McDonald. He says, “In an effort to counterbalance all of the negativity in social media, bloggers are encouraged to write posts about what made them smile over the last week.” This sounds like a welcome reprieve to the stress and chaos daily life can bring.

The other is Weekend Coffee Share in which bloggers invite readers to share a virtual cup of coffee and conversation. I love this opportunity to make more connections.

I would also like to share the sites of some fantastic bloggers I follow who write about everything from books to poetry to current events to social commentary.

My personal writing goals for 2018 are beginning to take shape as well. I have been working on a new collection of poems based on the responses to questions I posted about a year ago. I’m finishing a short story that wound up very dark. I have a novel that is over ten years old that I would like to finally clean up and send out and I have a new historical fiction project in the works based on the life of my husband’s grandfather. I am also committing to submitting at least one piece of work each month. 2018 promises to be busy!

Are there any topics or formats you would like to see? I’m always open to new ideas! I look forward to the year ahead and hope to continue this journey with all of you.



photo: Pixabay

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