Recycled Power


Once the Harlequin, she danced

pulled by strings she did not control


She tried to dampen rage, not her own

She attempted to silence growls of the beast


A false smile belied inescapable tears

She was a leaf flailing in the wind




But sometimes those damaged bits meld together

to create something stronger


Sometimes something abysmal becomes

a thing of beauty




Because with every blow delivered by one not contrite

a target gains power


Because with every attempt to dampen a spirit

the outcome delivers determination


He who strives to be dominant loses jurisdiction

when enough is finally enough


The Comet McNaught was discovered the year she left

They burned together across naked skies


Both once natives of an icy world

they embraced the fantastical spin of a new journey


and marked it with a smoldering kiss


photo: Pixabay


prompts: #WordoftheDay, #DarkLines205, #WyldeVerse, WordPress Daily Prompt, MLMM Wordle 184





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