Connections and Conversation


I love the stillness of an early Sunday morning when everything seems to be at peace. The coffee percolating on the counter drums its own beat and fills the kitchen with an aroma that will always mean comfort to me.

This morning was an early one. Mark and I were out of the house by 7 to go to the pancake breakfast at school. As we browsed the accompanying book fair, coffee in hand,  one of the younger students showed me a book and explained in great detail why it was so funny. She sighed as she closed it and carefully put it back on the shelf. After she left, I paid for the book and left it with the librarian to be given to the girl when she returned. A child that excited about a book needs to have it.

After breakfast, Mark and I did some errands and stopped at several stores looking for that chocolate orange Cadbury makes, only to find it is a Christmas item. He has a cooking segment on Channel 8 this week and wanted it for garnish. We had about given up when we remembered our local candy store. While they didn’t have exactly what he wanted, he was able to find some candied orange peels covered in chocolate. It will go nicely with what he has planned for the show. It isn’t coffee but does highlight another hot beverage.

When we finally returned home, I discovered that my son was still sleeping, He leaves tomorrow to go to school in Phoenix and I think he’s savoring the last few days spent in his own bed. I’ve been spending the last few days walking around the house in tears. He’s never been this far from me and while I know he’s ready, I’m not sure I am.

He brought me a coffee the other day, just because… It struck me that these are the little things I’ll miss. It’s funny how the most simple things can mean so much. When my grandmother was alive, it was tradition that whenever possible, we’d share coffee together in the afternoon. I treasure these times because with that coffee — whether with my son, my grandmother, or a friend, comes the chance for conversation and real connection.



  1. So true. This post made me feel warm and homey all over. I so often feel the same way. Especially about the coffee and conversation. It’s not unusual for me to sit with a friend at Starbucks for two or three hours.

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