A familiar rumble – these freight cars that

lumber across railroad tracks just down the hill

Sound that becomes something physical,

a rolling repetition that echoes in my chest

and vibrates under my feet


It used to unnerve me

this sense of something approaching

a foreboding of sorts

Filled with trepidation each evening, I sat inside and listened

a contrivance of my own making designed to condemn


Some nights a dense fog would roll in over crashing ocean waves,

each part filling space in the overwhelming silence

They joined together to create a symphony in the dark

Music to hearten even suspicious spirits

A flirtation between fear and hope


Like a song yet unwritten, the whistle called

from that place just down the hill…

a promise of movement from here to there

Inspired to make a change,

I drew mandalas on empty walls


photo: Pixabay


prompts: Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Wordle 185, Tuesday Chatter






  1. Lovely. I get it. I’ve written about trains, too. We live one block below the tracks. I take a certain comfort from them when they pass at night. It makes me feel that I don’t have to stress about the world — that it goes on without me whether I’m there to keep an eye on it or not. 🙂

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