Rise Above Today



Like air, I’ll rise   

like wildfire burning over open prairies, I’ll consume

consume each new opportunity

consume with hunger borne of necessity

necessity frames new directions to follow

necessity leading to anywhere but here

here quiet voices urge me to listen

here demons dance to unsteady beats

beats drumming, heartache strumming

beats to carry me above and beyond

beyond the confines of the small-minded

beyond the threats to obey or perish

perish thoughts that say I can’t

perish restraints that clip my wings

wings heavy with the weight of regret

wings waiting to carry me away

away from the chaos that looms each day

away from a place now contaminated, poisoned

poisoned by hubris

poisoned by misguided thought

thought together we would be strong

thought this time would be different

different objectives mean different goals

different defines me rebel

rebel against mediocrity

rebel against misplaced authority

authority mine to hold

authority mine to release

release expectations

release, relax, begin again

again escape from depths that threaten to drown

again I seek salvation

salvation of my own making

salvation from tempests in those teacups

teacups lined with leaves that foretell the future

teacups smashed against sacred walls

walls built with bloodied hands

walls used to create sanctuary

sanctuary nothing more than peace within a heart

sanctuary nowhere and everywhere

everywhere promises renewal

everywhere I look offers promise

promise to keep true my intention

promise to embrace wonderful side effects

effects that affect a change

change that defines my beginning

change that begins today

today I soar



photo: mine

prompts: #FebruaryFalls18, Sunday Writing Prompt 240, #philoverse, #VerseAngel, #becomingfragile, #NewViewVerse, Self-confidence Sunday


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