Saturday Sound Bites – Smiles

This week’s Saturday Sound Bites Prompt:

What are three thoughts that made you smile today?


This was a rough week but my new mantra is to find that silver lining. My son has arrived in Phoenix – some 2500 miles from home. I miss him terribly but when we spoke yesterday, I was struck by how happy he seemed. That was a comfort and reminded me to let go and let him follow his dream. I suppose my job is done for now and it is time for him to take the reins. He’s up to the challenge and that makes me smile.

I was treated to lunch on Friday as part of “Teacher Appreciation Day.” As I sat with talented women who sacrifice to do what they love, I reflected on the meaning of appreciation. Sometimes it is the little things that urge us to stop and value each moment, each person. We all have busy lives and our own challenges, but together we accomplish great things. I listened to a young mom speak with pride about her two young children and it made me feel connected to those days that were part of my life not so long ago. My children are now young adults and I still feel the same sense of excitement about each new discovery. I was happy to be reminded of this. That made me smile.

Today I am sitting at my computer, writing and listening to music. I love the feeling of letting go and letting my mind drift. Often times, I find myself becoming immersed in thoughts that were waiting patiently to be processed. Sometimes it might be something that was bothering me, but with this prompt I’m turning to thoughts that bring me joy. Being happy is a choice and today I embrace that. Memories of love and laughter are playing like a slideshow in my mind. That makes me smile.

Here’s wishing you find your smile today.




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