Poetry Conceived



A curious power — finding magic

hiding between the thorn and the rose


with wounded words found

in rain-soaked cities and wide-open fields


between walls of glass that sparkle

before dawn smudges and distorts clear blue skies


the lonely poet wears a cloak meant for the malefactor

he lurks in the shadows waiting to steal beauty from the grotesque


restless thoughts gather in insipid pools as he walks

until the delicate framework in his mind becomes more


a pause to witness a lone crow squawking

as it harasses the mighty hawk flying too close


and in this enduring battle, the poet finds grace

while the crow safeguards her young and vanquishes the enemy


his mind turns, spins, contemplates




inspired, he wanders in a preternatural world

existing among the ordinary


poetry from pain, a peccadillo

a necessary part of magic



photo: Pixabay


prompts: Tuesday Chatter, MLMM Bonus Wordle, #Zenverse, #FocusedVerse 53, #WyldeVerse















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