Taking Time



This week’s Saturday Sound Bites prompt: Think of something you lost recently.

What are two positive insights you gained from the experience?


I went for a walk today, enjoying an almost spring like day in February. It’s been months since I walked along the boardwalk and as I strolled along the water’s edge, I thought about these little opportunities I miss to take time for myself. It’s much too easy to get caught up in busy schedules and daily goals. I lost the incentive to take care of myself, too focused on an endless “to do” list. I came back to the house feeling energized and refreshed. It’s amazing how carving out an hour of the day can give you a different perspective.



measured, rigid

ticking, counting, courting

disaster if followed blindly



photo: mine

prompts: Saturday Sound Bites, Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie – Saturday Mix, #LuckyDip.




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