Weekend Coffee Share


If we were having coffee, I’d invite you into my new office. My son is in school across the country and for the time being, I’ve claimed his bedroom as newly found writing space. I’m enjoying this quiet corner of the house and the cats are loving a new place to play and explore. I’d invite you to sit in the rocking chair so we could talk about the world around us.

I’d tell you about the wonderful weekend I had. My husband is a chef at a hotel nearby and I had a chance to visit this weekend so he could tie up some loose ends before we went to dinner. Because I’m used to the hustle and bustle of restaurant kitchens, I was struck by the quiet and efficiency of the banquet kitchen where he now works. I had a nice chat with a woman who works there and we joked about the quirkiness that is my husband. I’d tell you about the amazing dinner at one of the many restaurants New Haven has to offer. It was so nice for my husband and I to take a break from our crazy schedules to have a date night. They are so important.

I’d tell you what a great time we had last weekend when I had the chance to introduce Mark to my friend Carol. We’ve been friends for almost 40 years. There is something peaceful about spending time with an old friend and to share that friendship with someone equally important to me. We met her boyfriend and the four of us spent a lovely afternoon together.

Sooner or later, we’d have to talk about the school shooting in Florida. It breaks my heart on so many levels – as a mother, as a teacher, and as a human being. I’m sure we’d share some tears and wonder when it will ever end. I now participate in active shooter drills at school and it horrifies me each time. This has become commonplace for students and I mourn the loss of innocence that should be a normal part of childhood. I’m sure we’d both be in awe of the Florida students who are already making a difference and find comfort in the fact that they are our future.

If we were having coffee, I’d ask you about the moments that make your life meaningful and remind myself that the connections we make along the way make us all better for it.



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