Broken Traditions


Time stood still in this place

where that which was will always be

Bitterness incubates as silent expectations

ricochet across unanswered prayers

A community borne of common misgivings

bands together in unified disappointment


And in the name of change, those storm clouds gather


When the ways of old wrinkle, distorted by nuances some don’t understand

the fabric of tradition tears and bleeds blackened blood

starved of life-giving oxygen and truth

Some may wither and die, defeated

Some may turn on the innocent, content to gnash sharpened teeth

Some may take time to rest and reflect

Some may see beauty as each crease reveals

a chance to create new beliefs


And just beyond the night, those storm clouds break


This place, once barring the unknown,

honors what was and invites what will be

Acceptance fosters growth as rebirth

invigorates a world once smothered by ignorance

A community borne of common purpose

bands together to dance in the rain


And as dawn chases away each darkened cloud, time resumes





photo: Pixabay

prompts: WordPress Daily Prompt, #becomingfragile, #wineverses, #WyldeVerse


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