man and child

Sometimes I am unprepared
as the past crashes into the present
and the world stops spinning

Memories hang in the air
obscuring all those things
I thought were important

I reach for them and
wrap each around
my trembling body

It’s the longing
to stop the clock
that hurts the most

Snippets of conversation
between the child I was
and then man he is linger

And as the end draws near
I remember, I cherish
all that makes us family



~ for Tony



prompts: Tale Weaver #165, #WyldeVerse



  1. I too have memories of many uncles and aunties that are long gone and the regrets that I did not spend enough time with them though they showed care for me when I was very young. Time makes me wiser but also sadder about this aspect of neglect which can’t be undone.

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