If We Were Having Coffee, Easter 2018

Easter 2018

If we were having coffee, I would invite you in and wish you a Happy Easter. We’d make this a short visit because I’m off soon to celebrate this holiday at my sister’s house. I’d ask about your family traditions and tell you a little about mine.

Coming from a large family, our holidays are always filled with noise, chaos, and plenty of food. My sisters and I have fifteen children between us, and when the kids were younger, we’d have huge Easter Egg hunts. I can still see my three kids in their Sunday best, toddling over the yard in search of plastic eggs. After my divorce, my kids would spend this holiday with their dad, but we always had time for a big breakfast and squeals of laughter as they tore apart the baskets left by the Easter Bunny. I never begrudged the fact that they spent the day with their dad. Family is too important to waste on feelings of regret. They always enjoyed the day and came home with the bunny cookies their grandmother made each year. I am thankful they have these memories to cherish.

Speaking of family, I’d tell you about our family gathering this past Friday night. Although it was not our full clan, many of us met at mom’s house for dinner…just because. I sat back and watched as little pockets of adults and children gathered in the kitchen and on the porch and in the living room to catch up. Most of the kids are approaching young adulthood now, and it was fun to observe the interactions. The snippets of conversations I heard were filled with stories of work or of future plans. We are all crossing the bridge to the next phase of life together.

My nephew presented me with a gift. He knows a local artist and when he saw a particular piece, he immediately thought of me. It’s a beautiful mosaic of colorful tiles filled with movement. It’s the perfect metaphor for our family. I will hang it in my office and think of that night each time I see it.

If we were having coffee, I’d ask you about your family and what makes them special. I’d wish you a happy holiday and invite you back to visit any time.







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