Last Embrace


I suppose we all take for granted

that these days would last forever

Did you come to say goodbye?

I felt you move through me

                                I was there

                                Your quickening pulse

                                traced the last beats of my heart

                                in this, our final embrace

It was in that moment I knew

when an overwhelming moment

of love washed my soul clean

I felt you by my side

                                I was there

                                The warmth of the morning sun

                                carried my love to you

                                in this, our final embrace

And when my tears finally

ran dry, my ears longed for

your honeyed words of love

These, I can’t live without

                                I’m still here

                                Quiet the noise and listen

                                My words will echo in your heart

                                today and forever more

I feel you now

I hear your voice

I walk in the radiant afterglow

of our final embrace


photo: Pixabay

prompts: #readwritepoetry, #NaPoWriMo Day 2, WordPress Daily Post, #AprilFalls18, Pilgrimage Press, #WrittenRiver












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