Life Lessons

grand canyon


ebbs and flows

in waves fueled

by desire, by design,

by détente


Backed up against the wall

I reach for it, squeezing

as it slips from my grasp

by configuration, by conception

by necessity


Emotions churn

turning situations into

lessons wrought with frustration

and contemplation and intention

and deliberation


My plan was designed in a way

I somehow knew never could be


It was a case of accepting

this future I was meant to have —

sometimes spent in solitude and

silent happiness


Now riding this rising tide,

I am content to navigate each

sweeping swell and stormy surge

by desire, by design

by defined aspiration

photo: mine


prompts: #NaPoWriMo, WordPress Daily Post, Poetic Asides April PAD, #readwritepoetry, #WyldeVerse



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