Devil’s Voice

olivante prompt

Thunder booms, undulating over roiling seas

like a stranger growling at the door

Some say it’s the devil’s voice


Driving rain pelts the window

smearing grime in greasy stripes

Lights flicker on and off, on then off


Bolts of lightning strike a small boat

bobbing in the harbor

and set it adrift


A shy boy wanders

down by the rocky shore

to share bread with greedy gulls


Electricity in the air

gives him comfort

A reprieve from his lonely life


Lights at the dispatch center

foreshadow his tragic demise

Transmissions sent fall silent


Snatches of conversation over a radio

Static calls to action are

no match for the devil’s work


Rest easy, Child

May peace await you

in the next life



photo: Olivante Poetry/Pixabay

prompts: The Sunday Whirl, #TastyPoem, Suzanne Olivante Poetry





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