Weekend Coffee Share, April 8


If we were having coffee, I’d thank you for giving me the opportunity to take a break from a weekend filled with work. I might even ask you to take a walk with me. The weather is slowly improving and I’m aching to get outside. I’d take you down to the boardwalk to share one of my favorite places with you. My husband and I walk here often. You’d see the sprawling park to your right and the beach beside the boardwalk.


The Niantic Boardwalk is a long sidewalk that runs between the ocean and the railroad tracks. It’s fun to see the little kids get excited when a train passes by. There are plaques set up along the way so you can read the history of this small town. I’m such a history nerd, I’ve read every one.


I’d tell you how I spent most of the weekend working on the final edits for my YA manuscript. I’ve finished rereading and editing the whole project and now I’m listening to it on my computer. It’s amazing the things your ears catch that your eyes don’t. I’d ask you what you were working on and to share your strategy for final edits. If you weren’t a writer, I’d ask about the things you like to do.


I’d tell you how much I’m looking forward to school vacation. It’s coming soon and I think teachers and students alike need a break. It’s been a long year.


I might tell you about my uncle who was also my godfather. He just passed away and I’m filled with memories of a man who was kind and gentle. I’m thankful to be in touch with my cousins. It is a good reminder of the importance of family.


After our walk was done, I’d bring you to a little café on Main Street to rest and enjoy that coffee.




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