I counted the minutes


ten, nine, eight…


the bell rang, releasing me

a week to relax

a week to rest


I am a caterpillar

seeking solitary confinement

in a cocoon that glimmers


where words speak louder

than any action in this,

the best of both worlds


Here, within walls that

obscure the outside world

I resist distraction


There, just outside

my safe haven, my renewal —

the light is just a bit softer


Seven, six, five…

days devoted to my own pursuits

Can you feel my wings flutter?

photo: Pixabay

prompts: Poetic Asides, #NaPoWriMo, WordPress Daily Prompt


  1. I love how your countdown from the beginning, the seconds, picks up at the end, with days.
    Because the seconds from the beginning, just before the bell rings, seem to last forever, or because the vacation days always seem to fly by? 😊


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