If We Were Having Coffee, April 29


If we were having coffee this afternoon, I’d invite you to sit outside with me. It’s still a little cool although it is almost May, but my daffodils are in full bloom and the sun is shining bright. I need that fresh air. Don’t you?

I’d tell you about yet another busy weekend. Yesterday, my husband and I left to run an errand that should have taken twenty minutes. We ended up being out all day. After dropping something off at my mother’s, we went out for breakfast. When we were done, we decided to take a quick trip to explore a town where we may move. Like here, it is a beach town but it is much closer to work for him. That’s one thing about Mark and me — we love new adventures. We did find many homes that intrigued us.

While you were sipping your coffee, I might share a proof copy of my new novel. I’m very excited about it. I’d ask your opinion and tell you how thankful I am for these copies. I found some issues that need fixing, but it is fun to see my manuscript in book form. I would tell you about the copies I shared: one to my student for a kid perspective, one to our school librarian for her insight, and one to my sister who is the one who encouraged me to keep going with this project. I’d also encourage you to watch the trailer. It does a good job giving the feel of the story.

As our visit came to an end, I would tell you about the crazy amount of schoolwork I have left to do. It’s Progress Report time and I have papers yet to grade. Summer vacation is almost here and I am more than ready. I would ask you about your work and plans for the summer and invite you for another visit where we could spend more time together.




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