Words spoken don’t always make it so

Rather, action is the harbinger of truth revealed

layer by layer

petal by petal

moment by moment

Behavior bears fruit

to stoke the fires

of redemption

of motivation

of creation

It’s a dance spinning out of control

designed to chase away every demon

A cathartic salve

it soothes those deep wounds

hidden in unsent letters

and private rants

framed in breaking away

Moment by moment

petal by petal

layer by layer

revealed truth becomes the harbinger of action

New words spoken make it so

photo: pxhere.com

prompts: #MayFalls18, #WyldeVerse, #FWTR9


  1. This one really caught me. Wonderfully written and beautifu. So visual, peeling back these layers to see that little actions and deeds, maybe not so meaningful alone, shoe these beautiful bold flower, or a bigger picture of devotion, love, and even redemption, “A revealed truth becomes a harbinger of action” that’s so true. It really struck me.

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