Arizona Afternoons


I escaped to the land of clementine skies

A tapestry of chiseled red rock draped me in renewal

Ancient lands dotted with saguaros carried my troubles away


Up where mesas dominate each vista

gentle breezes ushered in a fresh perspective

and washed clean the stale air of yesterday


I felt my breath rise and fall

I spoke the language of clouds

I kissed my sunset intentions


I escaped to a place where even the dirt sings songs of praise

rich in spirits that wander in peace

reminding me to pause, breathe, and respond



photo: mine

prompts: #WyldeVerse, #SaturdayMix, #BeautizmLove, #DimpleVerse




  1. Reread this again tonight (midnight) and love it even more!!! You and your Muse created a Masterpiece!! You should frame this or better yet, I like this idea, see if you can find an artist who has a photograph or painting that they can reproduce and then merge the two – Verses and graphic! Oooh, I would really love to see that!!! Or maybe just insert more photos? Just me thinking way too late at night!!
    You wrote an Amazing piece!!! You have put it in your top ten poems haven’t you??? Bellissimo, My Dear Bellissimo!! I’ve kept the tab with your poem open on my browser since I commented and reblogged the first time in May and I’m so glad I did!!!!

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