Weekend Coffee Share


20180624_140333.jpgIf we were having coffee today, June 24th, I’d invite you to come look at my husband’s garden. It’s doing so well! After our tour of the yard, I’d ask you in to escape this damp, dreary day. I do like the quiet feel of the afternoon. It gives closure to yet another busy weekend.


I’d offer you some of the delicious éclairs my husband made and tell you about the family party I attended yesterday. My nephew graduated high school and we all IMG_20180623_194421_284.jpggathered at my sister’s house to celebrate. My three sisters and I were able to steal away to an unoccupied corner to catch up. As always, it was a conversation filled with laughter and  good amount of teasing. Sibling relationships never change. I would tell you about each of them and how much I enjoy their company.


IMG_20180623_140116_350-1.jpgI would invite you into my office to show you the progress I’ve made on the second book of my Blarnach series. The outline is complete and I’ve finished the first few chapters. I’m happy with where it’s going. Readers of the first book have offered great feedback and I’m eagerly awaiting the reviews.


I would tell you about all the walking we’ve been doing this summer. We’ve found some great new trails to hike. I’d ask you what your favorite summer activities are and suggest we might continue our conversation on a walk.  Are you ready? Let’s go!



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