Capturing Hope


Once I climbed
the walls of a canyon
just to release my voice beneath
a sky tinged with red velvet and rubies

it echoed hollow and flat before returning
to fill spaces and cracks and indigence
replacing thoughts of emboldened bitterness

The Milky Way created calligraphy in the dark
and I captured my tears in a cup before offering up
the distress I was bound to abandon…there alone

Tapping my name on rocks still warm from the setting sun
I blessed each movement with wishes of hope and
even in my endless hunger I had a taste of paradise

In that fog as something somehow shifted
I shouted once again across ancient stone
waiting for an answering call on trembling knees

The response, strong and clear, made music
meant to be shared and melodies that
soothed even a troubled heart

And if this poem could dance
it would be in celebration of
second chances with
each new day

photo: mine
prompts: #JulyFalls18, #APoemADayChallenge, The Sunday Whirl, Sunday’s Whirligig


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