Chasing Rainbows


chasing rainbows

Don’t we share this yearning

a need to capture the sunset

on scraps of crumpled paper ~

the figments and fairytales

and everything in-between

More than victims of circumstance

we’re partners in crime, you and I

Nah, don’t forget, never forget

wherever you’re goin’, I’m goin’ your way

we’ve got such a lot of world to see

We’ll run til we’re breathless

makes no matter, we’re reckless

and even if we get stuck in some small town

grow old and slow down, it won’t matter

we’re after the same rainbow’s end

Meet me there

it’s just waitn’ ‘round the bend

‘round the bend

by our figments and fairytales

and everything in-between

photo: Google Images

prompts: Music Challenge #32 (MOONRIVER), Lyric Ideas, #JulyFalls18

for Carol


  1. Wonderful. You really capture this childhood joy well. This ability to discover, be free, and create. I think Hepburn’s character too has a childlike aspect to her, she wants freedom as much as she wants taking care of. Thanks for participating!

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