Born Again


I was playing for pride that evening, a bottled night waiting to explode

It was moon-kissed, silver-edged and self aware

Ignorant of the challenge ahead, I borrowed audacity to probe and confound

inciting at times that white hot anger that knew no secrets, no control

Imagine if you will the scene that played out as fate took a terrible turn

Immersed in the marriage of imposter and ingenue, I pretended to be the victor

Insanity proved too worthy a foe as fury manifested as delusion and

identity, that world we create to survive, crushed and crumbled

Ideas hurtled toward limits that spanned walls I built

Impulse unintentionally led to escape, an

incentive hardened by an

injection of unknown courage

Instead of settling for words left unspoken or

injuries hidden beneath indigo scarves,

inklings of something better began to beckon

Insomuch as bravery befalls even the unwilling

inquiries opened doors that are no longer taken for granted

Inmates, even those of us sentenced to life terms, can create a new deal

I played for pride that evening


photo: Pixabay

prompts: Lyric Ideas, Sunday’s Whirligig, The Sunday Whirl, Go Dog Go Cafe – Tuesday Prompt


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