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Both a blessing and a curse

these lives we lead…

knowing rules are not meant

to be broken, only bent as

unintended forces apply

just enough heat

to make them



And as we journey

across time and

space and experiences,

it becomes inevitable, this drive

to pause and reflect, knowing

the next rest stop may

forever be out of



Such is time, marked along

an endless highway as

memory traces headlights

growing dim on the distant horizon

and even chatter on the radio

becomes noise, an annoyance

both a little messy and



It is too easy to fall into exulansis,

too convenient to give up on

connections we have made or

promised to make each moment

we step outside ourselves

and risk a smile or a helping hand

to another following his own



Perhaps the curse lives in fear or

maybe this fear itself is the blessing

if it becomes courage

if it leads to communication

if it bends those rules long enough

to foster interaction

This, I think, defines



photo: Pixabay

prompts:#WrittenRiver, #SeptemberFalls18, Lyric Ideas


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