Doubt lives in corners

between apricots and asters

and chipped china dishes

beneath old blankets

worn with time and

continued use


He’s timid, cautious

and just a bit weary

Starved for affection

yet longing to trust

a gentle hand

a soothing voice


And if he could speak,

if he could share his

tale of woe, living

in a world too cold,

he might say

Help me


His golden eyes

peering out from

this abandoned place

might find yours

and close in a

long, slow blink


Keep me safe

Tell me not to worry

Tell me it’s you

here to take me home

We’ll rescue each other

one day at a time


photo: mine

prompts: #ImgPrompt, #SeptemberFalls18, Lyric Ideas


Forgotten Felines – Westbrook, CT

National Humane Society



  1. Thank you for sharing this heart touching poem of sadness, strength, and hope. Thank you for being a voice to speak out against animal cruelty and a gentle reminder that animals have a story too and need someone to be their hope, light, family,and forever friend.🙏❤️🌹

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