If We Were Having Coffee, October 7th


If we were having coffee today, October 7th, I’d invite you in and share some of this delicious cinnamon-raisin bread. Just the smell of it is enough to make your mouth water. I’d show you the latest stack of books I received from Scholastic. I think I order more than the students do each month. I can’t help it….I’m a bit of a bookaholic. Speaking of school, I’d show you my yarn I got in preparation for the Knitting Club. Students from grades four through eight get together once a week to learn how to knit under the watchful guidance of a group of teachers. My mother tried to teach me to knit but finally told me I might be better off learning with the kids. I don’t have high hopes (no patience) but I’m going to give it a try.


I’d tell you about my busy month. Each October, I participate in a blogging challenge called #OctPoWriMo in which we write 31 poems in 31 days. I’ve been doing it for years and this year I’m one of the moderators. I’d ask you to check it out and give it a try. It’s a great way to interact with other writers and stretch your poetry muscles. I’d also ask if you’ve seen Rudy Francisco’s latest performance. He is an incredibly talented Spoken Word Artist from California.  Although I am not a slam poet, he makes me wish I was.

I’d also remind you to check out Go Dog Go Cafe. It is a wealth of writing in all forms and styles. Don’t forget to share on Promote Yourself Mondays. I’d love to read your work.

While you were here, I’d tell you about the great charity event that my husband cooked for at The Mystic Marriott. Sophia Sees Hope is an organization that advocates for people with rare inherited retinal diseases. The event occurred over several days. On Friday, Mark prepared a meal for the children. He made ice cream using liquid nitrogen and dressed as a “Mad Scientist” while standing before bubbling beakers. He had a ball. The adult event was an evening of dining while blindfolded. Mark prepared all sorts of dishes in ways that were hard to decipher by touch alone. It was a big hit.


Of course, I’d chat with you about my writing projects. Two, in particular, have been on my mind quite a bit lately. One is a short story about a dystopian world. It’s rather dark but I’m pleased with where it is going. My goal is to finish it by Christmas. It’s been long enough. The other is a historical fiction novel that is based on my husband’s grandfather’s escape from Poland in the early 20th century. I gave Mark a Polish cookbook for his birthday and I might be more excited about it than he is. It’s going to be a valuable resource as I flesh out all the little details.

Last, I’d invite you to accompany us as we visit Clyde’s Cider Mill. It’s a perfect day for this day trip. We visited last year, but I’ve heard they expanded and added all sorts of new things to taste and see. I’d ask you to share your favorite Fall activity. I’m always looking for new adventures!


Until next time…

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