Afraid of Alone

afraid of alone

If I were you I might be nervous
If I were you I might be afraid
afraid that your carefully constructed facade is cracked
afraid to face the face in the mirror that never lies
lies told again and again don’t make truth
lies told for purposes of your own making
making false realities that lead to failure
making choices that you own
own up to each mistake
own up to each transgression
transgression after transgression after transgression
transgression can be the great teacher if you let it
it begins here and now
it isn’t too late
late is the apology my ears still strain to hear
late is redemption awaiting your request
request forgiveness
request help
help is here in my outstretched hand
help is the key to a better future
future plans sit waiting
future begs you to discover
discover how to right each wrong
discover the new path I offer
offer the reparation buried beneath your pride
offer it now or watch me leave
leave you behind
leave this life I cannot accept
accept my advice
accept it or I’m gone
gone to explore worlds not steeped in drama
gone is the word to read on my bruised lips
lips tasting just a bit bitter
lips finding new truths to speak
speak your words of acknowledgment
speak now even as a whisper
whisper your words of atonement
whisper goodbye if you don’t
don’t doubt my intentions are resolute
don’t question my demands
demands enveloped in the arms of concern
demands are my last chance to save you
You must make the choice
You must decide
decide if I’m worth the fears you face
decide if you can do this alone
alone in a world of deception
alone to self-destruct
self-destruct alone


photo: Pixabay
prompts: #OctPoWriMo2018 – Day 13, #VerseAngel208


  1. Yes, I guess that makes three of us that can relate!
    I love what you did with the Blitz here. I didn’t know/think it possible. Well done you (for getting those words out too, as they must be hard to pass your lips/pen)!

    Liked by 1 person

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