Umbrella Love

love as umbrella

If love were an umbrella
it might shield and shelter
it might cover and offer protection
from pain, from loss, from time moving, raging, clanking
but what if it was more

what if it was an easement between what was and what could be
what if it was that ethereal curtain daring to display your deepest dreams
what if was meant to dull the edge of madness you’ve been courting too long
what if, what if it was the vehicle vying for space in Elsewhere
Would it be enough

that inconsequential tool, that simple piece of equipment designed to shield you from rainy days
what if it were more

what if it had the power to erase past evil
what if it knew exactly what you needed

what if you were an umbrella
and I, the storm
would you protect me
from myself

photo: Pixabay
prompts: #OctPoWriMo2018 – Day 15,
Mindlovemiserymenagerie – Wordle “The Letter E”


  1. Wow!
    But you know what? I think that, if Love were an umbrella, it would protect you from the storm, no matter where the storm is coming from. Magical things happen when love is around.

    Liked by 1 person

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