Hidden Hope

hidden hope

The rhythm of sunrise, the rhythm of sunset, filled her life
Like a thoroughbred galloping along crashing waves
her course left footprints heavy with intention
She hijacked a trail of rooted memories
and hitched a ride on wayward winds
She caressed the hem of havoc’s reach
and brewed a tea of hemlock and corn husks
just to prove she could

The rhythm, the rise and fall of each day, defined her thoughts
Like a poker player betting on a locked hunch
her hand held all the aces and eights
She hastily shuffled the deck
and counted on human weakness
She urged angels to harmonize heavenly songs
and adjusted her broken halo
just to prove she could

And each time the sun rose, painting the sky
with pinks and golds above the purple light of dawn
she reset her clock and searched for a melody
that would honor a heart in need of hope
And as darkness swallowed the light each night
with a vengeance that mocked her journey
she dreamed of a soft place to rest
just to prove she could



photo: Pixabay – Stefan Keller
prompts: #NovemberFalls18, #PoetryPotion, MLMM – Bonus Wordle “H”


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