First Crush


Topaz sunlight sparkles
across years bent with age
November love still fresh
with the scent of falling leaves
Poems penned on scraps of paper
still span moments between
then and now and
before and after and
young and old
when you were you
and I was me
and the world was innocent

Chance meeting —
a chariot meant to
break the silence
moving across time
as if to capture its secrets
as if something lost
could be found again
but yours objected
and mine protested
Young love best left alone
untouched, uncomplicated
unfettered by today

Still, we both know
even trees laid bare
in cold winter storms
protect rooted memories
back when you were you
and I was me and we explored
November love beneath
the sparkling topaz sunlight
and those years bent with age
were yet to be burdened

photo: Google Images
prompts: Go Dog Go Cafe – Tuesday Writing Prompts, November PAD, #NovemberFalls18


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