Megha Sood Shares Her Favorite Indie Feminist Books of 2018

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Name: Megha Sood

Where you post your writing:


We Will not be Silenced ( Indie Blu(e) Press), 2018
Oddball Magazine
Scrittura Magazine
Dime Show Review
Fourth and Sycamore
KOAN ( Paragon Press)
Vita Brevis Literature

Three favorite indie books of 2018

1.  Composition of a woman

Author: Christine E Ray

Where it can be purchased: Amazon

Christine Ray’s debut composition of poetry is a candid and powerful glimpse into the essence of womanhood. The ease and the sheer brilliance she portrays in her writing is highly commendable. The book is divided into five sections namely Nerve, Brain,Blood , Ribs and Breast. Each section leaves you in awe of her magical quill as she describes her struggle with her body, which is heartbreaking and empowering at the same time. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to takes this amazing…

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