Wild World


Took a walk in the wild world
with wishes waiting to take wing

Whispers in the midnight cypress trees
kept repeating words of love

Calls for the lonely littered the forest floor
like pebbles waiting to be collected

And as I wandered, I wondered
about these things we carry

I collected one for loss
I collected one for regret
I scooped handfuls for sorrow

Drenched in the January rain
I fell to my knees in despair

When my tears were at last spent
I gathered those stones from my pocket

I threw each into the air, letting go
with purpose and intent

and listened to whispers of love
in the wild, wild world


photo: mine
prompts: The Sunday Whirl, #JanuaryFalls19, 30 Day Writing Challenge/Tumblr, #BeautifulMess


  1. What a beautifully written message, “Release and Let Go.”
    By releasing regret, should’ve and could’ve we give ourselves permission, to move forward from our past to present moment, onto future.

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