Remy’s Revenge

Today’s poem is a preview of Remy’s Revenge which is the sequel to my book, Tales from Blarnach.


And so they emerge from clay
ice crystals gleaming in the sun
as daggers ready to pierce the day
shallow souls follow
they follow

Wicked ones bend ‘round the mist
wafting through vents in cracked walls
waiting for evil lurking in their midst
shallow souls lost and hollow
lost and hollow

Struggle as she may to break those chains
the weight of the past lingers
Remy is nothing now but a vessel for pain
shallow souls filled with sorrow
regret and sorrow

To find her way home when loyalty stalls
begins with rage pulsing in her veins
A chance for revenge in hallowed halls
an army of shallow souls follow
they follow

Photo by Voicu Oara from Pexels

prompts: MWP – Write about a challenge, Go Do Go Cafe – Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge, #StarWrites #becomingfragile, The Sunday Whirl 388

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