If We Were Having Coffee, February 3rd


If we were having coffee today, February 3rd, I’d invite you in and share some of these delicious gingersnap cookies. They’ll go perfectly with our cappuccinos. Don’t mind Rocco. He’s been extra cuddly lately, along with Little Kitty. Must be the cold. I’d ask how you’ve been faring during this polar vortex. It’s been brutal! I’d show you the pictures I took of the water the other day. It was beginning to ice over and little lilypad type discs were forming on the surface. Thankfully, today is not nearly as cold and they are predicting almost 50° by Tuesday. You have to love the weather in New England.

As we sipped our coffee, I’d tell you about the events at school this past week. It was a special week and we had all sorts of events. We had a schoolwide scavenger hunt and a special basketball game put on by the students. My favorite part is the pictures the kindergarten drew of the teachers. I think my hair made a big impression on the kids. It’s not quite as long as they depicted, but it’s fun to see how they interpret us.

I’d tell you about the Art of Chocolate event we attended last weekend. My husband made some incredible plates and won three awards. He made a “Death Star” pastry that was a chocolate shell filled with cheesecake mousse, a blood orange hot chocolate, and a savory dish with bacon, purple okinawan sweet potatoes, and white chocolate. All were delicious! The line for his booth was out the door. I’d admit that even though my husband is a chef, we go out to eat quite a bit. Two of our favorites lately are the Little Pub in Old Saybrook which has amazing fish tacos, and Los Charros Cantina in Centerbrook. The chef there is probably one of the most talented ones we’ve met.

I’d share my new planner and tell you how I’m trying to be more organized this year. I’ve added so many projects to my list that it is sometimes overwhelming. In addition to my own blog, I’ve been moderating the Promote Yourself Monday event at Go Dog Go Cafe. It’s a lot of work, but I’m thoroughly enjoying it. I’m also actively working on three different writing projects at the same time. My short story is progressing nicely and I hope to submit it to several places by March. My sequel to Tales from Blarnach is beginning to take on a life of its own. I love getting to that point where the story evolves naturally. Poor Remy, the main character, is very angry at being abandoned in the last novel and is out for revenge. My historical fiction novel seems to come to me in spurts. I just picked up several books on Poland in our school library which has relit that flame. What to do, what to do. I’d ask if you tackle several projects at once and how you handle it. My first priority is the short story, then the sequel to Blarnach, then the historical fiction piece.

When we finished our visit, I’d tell you how I am going to my mother’s today for a going away party for my nephew. He’s joined the Navy and is off to boot camp next week. We’re all excited for his next adventure in life, but a little sad to see him go. As always, I’d thank you for the visit and invite you to come back any time.


Until next time…



  1. Great to here about your life Michelle. Got to love those dogs who insist they are lap times when they’re 4 times too big. It’s still so cute. Sounds like school and teaching is going well & amazing about your husband and all the chocolate dishes. Sounds so good 🙂 Hoping is the cold weather snap across the US and Canada ends soon, I think we’ve had enough after this week. Take care and good luck with your 2nd book.

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    • Thanks! Rocco is the biggest baby dog we’ve had but we love him to pieces. All is well here and I hope the same for you. I do enjoy reading your work! I’m lucky having Mark by my side. He spoils me daily. I’ll let you know when Book 2 of Blarnach is finally done. Be well!

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      • Hi Michelle. I’m doing good. Trying to get back into a writing habit every 2 days at least. I wrote a couple 3LineTakes tonight, one for today and one for tomorrow. Rocco sounds like my kind of dog lol. He’s a lucky boy. Do you have the link to your first book?

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      • I’m doing the same. So hard when every day life gets in the way. The link should be in the essay where it says “Tales from Blarnach ” or if you go to Amazon and search “Michele Vecchitto” you should find my author page. I have 4 books there.

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