blue lace and old high top sneakers
empty bottles and half-filled glasses
raindrops punishing window panes
propped open with broken sticks
our favorite song stuck on repeat
it blasts from that old radio
as we dance in the dark
and search for serenity
in a room starved for air

I wonder where your soul goes
I wonder each time you twist your body
in time to the music, that damned tune,
if you remember, remember

old fights and glorified ghosts
fitting the square peg in that round hole
over and over again
sometimes it almost fits
sometimes it doesn’t
we celebrate each small achievement
and tell ourselves it’s a grand thing
we know serenity
we swear

I wonder where your heart is
I wonder if it feels each lie or
does it prepare to battle darkness
in search of truth we used to know

but in this discontent, those notes linger
the beat, a familiar pattern from better days
and even as my body rails against this now
wanting to shake off all that suffocates
my heart saves room for yours
my soul sings our blessed song
the one building our story
I know serenity
it lives in us




photo: Pexels
prompts: Go Dog Go Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge, Your Daily Word Prompt, Write Tribe


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