Tranquility Cove – #writephoto

tranquil #writephoto

healing waters caressing a lonely shore
healing hearts meant to mend
mend a spinning mind
mend tiny scars
scars buried too deep
scars open and bleeding
bleeding to release the poison
bleeding to wash away the pain
pain beneath the surface
pain all too consuming
consuming everything
consuming nothing
nothing to do but wait
nothing to do but wait
wait for this to pass
wait to find strength
strength conserved for days like this
strength to find my way out
out of the blue
out of the darkness
darkness, no match for the light
darkness is lifting
lifting my spirit
lifting slowly
slowly finding my way back
slowly aware of burdens and blunders
blunders that tried to define
blunders breaking shallow intentions
intentions made
intentions broken
broken is the yoke upon my shoulders
broken, a weight too heavy
heavy are my steps as I walk
heavy, heavy are these steps
steps toward tomorrow
steps bring new views
views from that lonely beach beckon
views of healing waters call
call it a change of heart
call it a second chance
chance to harness the moon
chance to shine so bright
bright and renewed
bright after a little rest
rest and let go of the rest
rest by that quiet cove
cove of healing
cove of tranquility
Tranquility found
Tranquility Cove


photo: Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo

prompts: Thursday Photo Prompt, MLMM Music Challenge


  1. Cleverly written, and you achieved a beautiful poem with use of your word repetition, and these were great lines.
    “broken is the yoke upon my shoulders
    broken, a weight too heavy”
    And “Broken” is one of my favourite songs…

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