owl-2106651_1920 (1)

Some days I am a lion
strong, proud, fierce
I know no fear
I am mighty

Some days I am a fish
caught, filleted, starved for oxygen
I bleed on old docks

Some days I am an eagle
flying free
soaring, soaring above the clouds
with a song in my heart

When I was a child, I was a turtle
timid and scared
I carried my shell on my back
ready to retreat on a moment’s notice

Some days I am a spider
caught in my own web
each of my eyes witnessing
the shoe crashing down
breaking my body
I feel no pain
it happens so quickly
I feel everything
it happens so fast

Still, other days
I am a puppy
begging for affection
and satisfied with a simple touch

Today I am an owl
seeking wisdom
seeking solitude and a
single mouse to satisfy
my hunger



photo: Pixabay
prompt: #aprpad – Day 3, #napowrimo – Day 3


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