Lady Luck

lady luck irish

Four-leaf-clovers and a rabbit’s foot
horseshoes, dice, and ladybugs
Such are the tools
of thieves and fools

Conmen and circus barkers
standing in the street to call out
Come try your luck today
Lady Luck is smiling upon you

Little do they know
Lady Luck is no lady
With emerald eyes and a magic touch
she’s a jealous genie…best beware

She’ll swirl her storms and
raise the sails against the mighty wind
then laugh as each ship is dashed
against sharpened rocks

Ah, but numbers —
her weakness in many forms
Seven, thirteen, and thirty-nine fight a valiant battle
just before she casts them aside

Numbers, numbers
Some stronger
than the rest

Two hearts
two lives
two hands
joined to make an invincible foe

One and one
together make
their own luck
Lady, be damned


photo: Pinterest
prompts:  #aprpad – day 8, #napowrimo – day 8


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