Student Work

I will be away for a few days. I thought this would be a perfect time to share some of the poems my students wrote. Enjoy!

Not Easy To Read by L.M.

Reading a poem is like

eating broccoli or asparagus

nobody wants to

In order to read a poem

you have to enjoy the

Swiss Family Robinson

To me reading a poem

is as if a snake

bites my leg while

a cat scratches at my eye

A poem is not

easy to read


A Poem Can Feel by G.H

A poem can be anything
and made by anyone
sometimes it makes you want to sing
other times it makes you down

Poems are like kaleidoscopes
overwhelming to first see
but once you spend some time with them
they’ll fill your soul with glee

Words are like the water
trapped behind a wall
When you read the poem
it’ll make you want to bawl

A poem can be anything
and made by anyone
when you give your heart a poem
it can be extremely fun





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