shadow-3660603_1920 (1)

Set upon the hall table
sunlight streaming through grand windows
I examined its cut glass corners and
sparkling facets casting perfect rainbows

the epitome of undefined living

it just existed
to be pretty
to be admired
to be coveted

and so I swept it off that table
with a steady hand
it seemed a fitting punishment
a valid reason

the crash was magnificent
lingering after the moment of impact
it reverberated through the hall
too big and empty

I pushed a lock of grey hair
from my eyes, dry and unyielding
and inspected the blood on my fingers
as I collected the broken pieces

shadows surrendered
in the fading light with
thunderous applause

and I relented

photo: Pixabay – komarik25
prompts: #aprpad -day17, #napowrimo – day 17, Go Dog Go Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge, Ploughshares, Poetry Superhighway, One Daily Prompt, #Quillverse


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