Complete Wonders

contemplation-176883_1920 (1)

And on my knees I accept these small wonders,
to refute my starving madness with a heart that wonders

I skate on the surface of serenity here in the elegance of morning
where even my muse with her detailed star charts wonders

the summer breeze blows and beckons in heartbeat moments
and though I am alone and apart, my soul wonders

strength and renewal flow as I ponder such gifts
knowing a fool would deny the art and beauty of Wonders

And on my knees I find it ~ peace
bestowed by the one who imparts grace and wonder

photo: Pixabay
prompts: #aprpad -day 24, #zenverse, #becomingfragile, Go Dog Go Tuesday Writing Prompt, Adele Kenny


  1. Thanks for sharing Ghazal in English. To be honest I didn’t know it can be written in this way too. Lovely sharing. The Ghazal itself is soulful.

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