I Am


I am strong
I am fragile
I wonder how the story ends
I wonder how it starts
I hear breathless whispers as the clock runs out
I hear breathless whispers as life begins
I see each mistake I’ve made painted across the sky in angry red letters
I see each accomplishment adorning this simple bouquet of fragrant flowers
I want to believe
I want to believe
I am strong
I pretend to be old when wisdom is my friend
I pretend to be young when fear is my shadow
I feel the weight of these walls I carry
I feel anything is possible as I crush each one
I touch the past every time I pray
I touch the future every time I cast a wish
I worry about all I cannot do
I worry about all that I can
I cry when I am wronged
I cry when I am grateful
I am strong
I understand every lesson has a purpose
I understand I may not know why
I say no and mean it
I say yes and believe
I dream I am dancing in the kitchen…again
I dream and dream and dream
I try to make a difference
I hope being fragile helps to light the way
I am strong


* This poem was inspired by an assignment I’m about to give my students. This is an annual activity I do with my Eighth Grade class before they graduate. The picture is from a prompt I put on the board for my class.

photo: mine
prompts: Go Dog Go Cafe – Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge, #InkMine


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