Midnight’s Journey

Midnight's Journey

Dust sparkles like frost on the window in this little piece of heaven
where the quiet warrior sings of forgotten lands
She’s a lonely orphan who learned to fly
away from the cold, dark city where the air stifles
and silence floats like a heavy blanket draped over subdued stars
Now even her casual sigh charms birds from the trees

And between the branches of these old oak trees,
sunlight dances and dapples the floor of heaven
It twinkles across moss and ferns like wishes upon stars
here in the place of quiet wonder and forgotten lands
where serenity is not something burden stifles
Such is the lesson for the lonely orphan who learned to fly

It isn’t easy – finding the freedom to let go and fly
Brambles punish with slender slivers hidden within proud trees
Courage, fragile once fear takes hold and stifles,
can lose that glimpse of heaven
until that light shines across a path to the forgotten lands
She follows as she hangs her hopes on a million stars

That’s the funny thing about stars,
they sparkle and dazzle and seem to fly
Her spirit is renewed as she soars above these forgotten lands
with green pastures and rolling hills and lush trees
that seem to flank the gates of heaven
She, the quiet warrior, is finally free from an old memory that stifles

Once a lonely orphan, the past no longer stifles
She knows the power of wishes disguised as stars
She knows the power of creating her own heaven
Dreaming without restraint gives her wings to fly
as once forbidden paths hidden beneath those trees
open wide to invite her to once forgotten lands

Midnight’s rage tempers here in these forgotten lands
Knowing everything beautiful bleeds and sometimes stifles,
she honors the memory of those who long ago planted trees
to give her a chance to wander tonight and gaze at the stars
She rests a moment as her heart prepares to fly
It feels like heaven

It feels like heaven
here where her heart is meant to fly,
here where old battles disappear under the stars

photo: Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

prompts: #PoemTrail, #scribblingofstu, The Sunday Whirl, #atreyasverse


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